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Cosmetic Tooth Bonding - Dental Composite

Updated: Apr 2

If you want to fix your front teeth, a cosmetic dentist can perform a procedure called dental bonding. Cosmetic tooth bonding is unique in a couple of ways. First of all, it mimics the natural appearance and coloring of your teeth. Secondly, dental composite can be adhered directly to the surface of your natural teeth, even if your tooth happens to be very smooth. This makes cosmetic tooth bonding useful for various issues, including correcting minor imperfections of the teeth, closing gaps between teeth, white fillings, and composite veneers.

White Fillings If you have spots that need to be filled on the front of your natural teeth, dental composite is the standard material that is used to restore these issues. This is the natural-looking, simple and conservative solution to cavities on the front of your teeth. The cavity can be drilled out, cleaned out, and then dental composite is placed into the hole to make it look like your natural tooth again. Minor Cosmetic Improvements If you have a tooth that is jagged or a tooth that has a tiny imperfection that needs to be rectified, dental composite can be used by your cosmetic dentist to fix the problem. Because composite can be adhered to almost any type of surface, any isolated areas that are stained, contain pitting or minor holes, or small chips in teeth and other deformities of the teeth can be resolved quickly with composite. The smaller the area that needs fixing, the more likely that dental bonding should be used. Is most case, the repair that is required is an extremely procedure. Sometimes, the tooth does not even have to be trimmed before the composite is adhered to the tooth. Gaps If you have gaps between your teeth that are too small for braces or veneers, a simple solution could be dental bonding. While gaps between the teeth are normally more of a cosmetic issue than a physical issue, bonding, rather than going through prolonged procedures, takes little time to fix the gaps and improve the appearance of your mouth. Dental composite is added to the sides of the teeth to make the teeth appear wider, therefore closing the gap. If the gap between the teeth is large and using dental composite would make the teeth appear far too wide, then it may not be the best solution. Veneers While veneers are made of porcelain, there are also composite veneers, as well. In these veneers, a cosmetic dentist creates dental composite to effectively cover the surface of the entire tooth. Composite veneers existed far before porcelain veneers, as a matter of fact. The objective of this procedure is to resurface the tooth without making the thickness significantly increased. Your cosmetic dentist may need to trim some of your tooth or teeth down before adding the composite so that your teeth appear natural once the veneer process is complete.

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