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Covid 19 Protocol and safety features 

Even before entering the office we have a covid screening questionnaire to ensure the safety of our patients and staff 

All staff and patients are still required to wear masks in health care facilities.

We provide mouthwash at the start of each visit to try and combat the virus right at the get go Individually sealed rooms to ensure there are no aerosols in hallways or common areas 

Our rooms have air purifiers to help keep a clean atmosphere throughout the day. Each of the rooms is then cleaned and sanitized following each patient to ensure no cross contamination! 


Other Environmental and Safety features 

Digital x-rays and lead collars to ensure there is minimal radiation to our patients, staff, and the general public.

None of those old silver fillings with possible mercury toxicity is used by our dentist. We even have a filter to ensure any silver fillings taken out will not enter the city sewage and contribute to pollution.  

Our Clinic has been carefully built with eco friendly materials such as the paint, wallpaper, and natural stone floors that you see around you when you walk in. We have taken every step we can to limit our impact on the environment and ensure the general health and well-being of our patients.  

Over the last few years we have taken it a step further by making our clinic nearly paperless. We are looking to go entirely paperless over the next few months by sending your patients forms to fill out at home on their phones or other mobile devices to save everyone time and save the planet in the process! 

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